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Aksarben Locksmiths LLC is Locally Owned and Operated in Omaha Nebraska

Automotive Services

Automotive Lock Specialist

  • Vehicle Unlock
  • Remove and Replacement of Broken Keys
  • Key Makes
  • Key Replacement
  • Key Duplication
  • Transponder / High Security Keys
  • Trunk Unlock
  • Ignition Repair and Installation

​Last Key? 

If you're down to your last key it's time to think about getting a spare key made. You don't want to be without one. It cost more to have a key made from scratch than to copy one you already have. Aksarben Locksmiths LLC can help you with that. Whether it's a chipped key or not Aksarben Locksmiths LLC can copy your key for little to nothing for you. We are the cheapest locksmith in Omaha Nebraska. Our locksmiths have 20+ years of experience, so you'll feel secure knowing you're getting the best result. ​​

Key Makes

All of our key makes are made on-site. Which means we won't leave until you have your key in your hand. Our locksmiths gather key codes from your car lock, and cut a key from scratch. Our locksmiths always make sure the key works perfectly before we leave. This goes for any and all keys we make. 


Our locksmiths are specialized in unlocking any and all cars. We pride ourselves on getting into any vehicle in under 10 minutes. Our locksmiths prefer not to use an air wedge to unlock cars due to the damage it causes to cars.

Air wedges normally cause road noise. Which means that when you're driving down the street with the windows up, you might hear wind as if the window was down. We know there are a select few cars that need to be opened this way, but we do our best to not have to rely on that method. Our locksmiths use the correct tool for your specific car.

When it comes to trunk unlocks, we understand that there are cars that don't have a trunk release. Also if your trunk release is broken we are here to help you. All of our locksmiths are knowledgeable about trunk locks. Our locksmiths are capable of getting into trunks by picking the lock.